Thursday, November 6, 2014

Video Game Geek: Star Wars X-Wing

In 1998 Lucas Arts released, I feel one of the best video games ever, Star Wars: X-Wing. It was originally created for DOS operating systems. Yes, some of you don’t know what DOS is. Go ask your parents. It was eventually released for play on Macs and Windows 95. Following its release was the B-Wing Expansion Pack. The game is obviously so old it would not work on current operating systems, Until now. just recently updated Star Wars: X-Wing to work on current systems. It is a $10.00 download. 

This was a trip down nostalgia lane. Even though the graphics are dated, it is still very well designed game. The music is not 8-bit synthesized. The music is from the movie soundtrack. This is one of the first simulator games that used a 3-D perspective. It is amazing how the tie fighters fly past and then bank to the side all the while shooting their lasers at you.

To start off the game there are training grounds for you to fly each of the four fighters. This is a good place to learn all the controls and hot-keys. The training grounds are exciting all on their own, but you eventually have to graduate to the missions. Each mission has specific goals that must be accomplished. You don’t get to choose which ship to take with you, but you do change fighters with each mission so you won’t get bored with one thing. I have to tell you that I am such a dork that I have contemplated wearing my motorcycle helmet while playing the simulator, just to add to the realism. 

If you have the ten dollars, I highly recommend getting this game. You won’t be disappointed. If you are worried about being legit, I believe they are. I had no problems with the charge or the download. I did not pick up any viruses. It is a good website. While you are there, check out all their other games. They have a wide collection of old school games that might strike you nostalgic funny bone.