Friday, January 25, 2013

Birthday Geek

When I was barely out on my own I was given some very good advice about birthdays. Holidays are a great time to get together with family and celebrate the theme of the holiday, but birthdays are when you blow it out. This is your holiday. This is the day you entered this world. Each year is a mark of survival, strength, and wisdom. For those of you who are gamers, this is when you use your experience points to up your stats.
On your birthday you should do what you want, within reason of course. It’s never appropriate live out those fantasies of naked light saber fighting in the fountains at the local park. Instead, eat your favorite foods that you rarely get to have. Finally sit down and watch that anime series you have wanted to see. Dust off your Nintendo and kick King Koopa’s butt, for old time’s sake. Where your Iron Man helmet all day, with your favorite sweats. Go watch two or three movies at the movie theatre. The point is do some fun stuff for you that you enjoy. 

There is one last rule I have to having a great birthday. Treat yourself. This doesn’t mean you can go out and buy that 70” 3D TV you’ve been eyeing. Just get yourself a little nice present, within reason. There are a couple of books I will probably buy for myself. 

Every year I try to follow these rules. This year I started off by sleeping in a little. My wife wanted to take me out to breakfast for my birthday, but I slept in too long, so we hit Sonic for breakfast sandwiches. At home I settled in with a large bottle of Dr. Pepper and started into the anime series Code Geass. Yes, it’s been around for a few years. I watched it when it was first on Adult Swim and a few years ago. I finally bought the first season a couple of months ago. I have not had the chance to watch it. Today I planned to watch the first season. Unfortunately, I fell asleep somewhere during the fifth episode. I woke up in time to go pick up my son from work. He was cool to me, he bought me a Dr. Pepper ice cream float. Very tasty.

Once at home I started working on some writing. Hey, what can I say? The mood struck me. I also replied to the birthday wishes on Facebook. My boys were getting hungry and they said that since it was my birthday I got to pick what we were going to eat. I decided on sub sandwiches from Goody’s. Those are the best. There foot long is more like a foot and a half and they really pile on the fixings.

My oldest is planning a Black Ops II marathon tonight with his friends, because it is double the experience points. That’s cool. I’ll just finish Code Geass in my room. My bed is more comfy.

You’re probably asking, “What about the presents?! What about the cake?!” Relax, that brings me to the other rule about birthday celebrating. Enjoy what you have been given and be thankful. I am going to have cake and presents, but those who want to celebrate with me are working tonight, so we are going to wait until tomorrow night.

I am grateful that I have so many things such as cool anime and geeky stuff to play with. I’m grateful I got to spend time with my boys today. I’m thankful for the people who have wished me happy birthday and I’m excited to have friends and family to celebrate with tomorrow. 

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