Thursday, December 6, 2012

To Date or Not to Date the Geek?

There you sit in the Cafe, pondering various things. Off to one end of the room you see a guy with thick dark hair. He’s dressed in the latest fashion and well built. He sits with a couple of friends and laughs. Off to another corner of the room you notice another guy. He’s wearing an over sized t-shirt that has something to do with a video game. He’s scrawny and wears glasses. He is working with a friend on some homework. As a woman, with fine tastes, your initial reaction is to be drawn to the cool guy who is laughing with friends. However, you have been pondering various things and you begin to wonder if dating the geeky looking guy would be better. While you think this through, let me be a voice of reason. After all, I have been a professional card carrying geek, since Star Wars was originally in the theaters. Sure, the cool guy would be fun to hang out with, but the geek has a lot going for him. It might be better for girls to date geeks.

Just as the two terms, cool and geek, suggest there are very opposite qualities to each type of guy. Probably the most obvious quality is looks. The cool guy will be well groomed, dress in the latest fashions, and is athletic. Sounds great, but every other woman around you also thinks it sounds great. You are a beautiful woman, but you still have to compete to keep the cool guy’s attention. The geek is not horrible looking, he’s just not attention grabbing. He has good features. Maybe all you have to do is give him some fashion tips on dressing. That is if you can get that gamer t-shirt off of him.

What if you went on a date with the cool guy, what would it be like? He picks you up, 20 minutes late. He’s dressed in jeans, t-shirt, and a cap. You took time to put on a nice dress, put on make-up and fix your hair. He says you look nice, but doesn’t like the color of your dress. At the restaurant, the waitress flirts with your cool guy. He’s shocked you ordered so much to eat. At the end of dinner, your cool guy acts surprised and says he forgot his wallet and asks if you can pay. Sound familiar? If this hasn’t happened to you, I’m sure some of your girlfriends have described these kinds of dates. As a geek let me assure you of what would happen on a date with a geek. He would show up right on time. Geeks are notorious for being timely. He will be stunned by how nice you look. Inside the geek’s head he is thinking, “Wow! She dressed up for me!” The geek will be dressed in jeans, maybe slacks, and a dress shirt. A geek will try to look nice for you. At the restaurant you won’t have to worry about the waitress flirting with your date. At most she’ll remember he helped her with her math homework. The geek will be excited that you ordered the kind of food he likes. The most embarrassing thing your geek date will do is slip the cashier a coupon, like it’s a fifty.

What kind of fun do you think the cool guy and the geek are going to have? Cool guys invented the word party. At parties there is going to be drinking, music, dancing, and sometimes it turns into skinny dipping in the neighbor’s pool. Geeks know how to have fun. They love playing video games, movies, role playing games, dressing up, and… well, OK, the cool guy might have us on this one. At the very least you will have fun watching the geek dress up as a stormtrooper, for a Star Wars convention.

Geeks are smart. I’m not saying the cool guy can’t get straight A’s and he might be successful, but the odds do favor the geek being more successful, for example; Bill gates, geek; Steve Jobs, geek; George Lucas, geek; Nicholas Cage, looks cool, but he is a self-described comic book geek. A geek will always be successful and will always have money, even if he doesn’t look like it. The cool guy is going to have a new sports car and the latest clothes. He is probably up to his eyeballs in debt. The geek will always have money. He knows how to invest and save. After all he has a lot of hobbies to support.

The cool guy is going to know how to fix your car. Part of being a cool guy is to know all about cars and that includes fixing them. The geek has to give that one to the cool guy. Geeks don’t know how to fix cars. However, the geek can install your entertainment center, fix your laptop, program your smart phone, and call AAA to pick up your car to get it fixed.

There is one last thing to look at and that is devotion. The cool guy has always had girls around to date. The cool guy will always be looking to upgrade. The geek is lucky if a girl will talk to him. This means the geek believes you are the top of the line and wants to do nothing to lose you. The cool guy will want you to do things for him, while the geek will treat you like a princess. The geek will do what you want.

The cool guy has a lot going for him. He has good looks, is fashionable, and charming. That’s just on the surface. On the surface the geek is scrawny, he doesn’t know how to dress, and he plays with toys. If you dig down below the surface, you might find some different things about the cool guy and the geek. Cool guy might not be reliable and not care for you the way you would like to be cared for. The geek is a nice guy and he will always treat you right and will always be there for you. As the voice of reasoning, while you have been pondering, I think the geek would be better to date.

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