Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I'm Back

In my blog I like to write about all things Geek. I’ve talked about some favorite movies, anime, and manga. I’ve also talked about the Geek lifestyle and some of the positive things about being a Geek. From my point of view things have change a lot for Geeks. I believed it was much more acceptable to be a Geek. I felt things had changed since I was a kid. Back then it was bad news to be labeled a Geek. You were bullied and scorned for the things we liked and did. Now those comic books we read in secret are blockbuster movies. Those video games we played by ourselves in the dark are now a multi-billion dollar industry. Our dreams of being a superhero or our favorite Star Wars character are played out by hundreds of thousands loyal cosplayers at conventions around the world. The #1 show on TV is all about Geeks. Of course an old Geek like me would think things have gotten better.  

Lately I have seen things have not change as much as I thought. Personally a couple of months ago I got slammed on my blog. I got told I was spamming a site with all of my blog postings and no one wanted to hear what I had to say about being a Geek. I took that really hard and I stopped posting on my blog. 


While I have been on hiatus there were some other bad things I heard about. I have heard there is still a lot of bullying going on. Some of that bullying is being done by Geeks on other Geeks. I cannot even begin to comprehend that one. We are all Geeks. We all share the same love of all things Geeky. So what if one person’s Geek is different than your Geekness? We should be watching each other’s backs and sharing time together, after all there aren’t that many of us out there. 


Now I hear that girls at conventions are being harassed by the male Geeks….People!...We have spent our Geeky childhoods wishing and hoping for girls to be around us and like us for our Geekdoms. They are amongst us now! We should rejoice! We need to treat them with respect. If you are unsure how to act around a woman then take a class on manners.


Now let me talk to those Geeks out there that have been suffering. Do not get discouraged. I know, I did get discouraged when I got flamed on line for my blog and I gave up doing it. That was wrong of me. One unfortunate trademark of a Geek is being timid. We are easily frightened when we see aggression. The other trademark of a Geek is our quiet strength. No we are not in basements benching 300 lbs. We are the ones that no matter what we hold onto the things we love. That is our strength. Geeks seek out other Geeks and together we try to make the world better. Think of every technological advancement over the past 30 years. There was a group of geeks behind each and every one of those advancements. Think about all those blockbuster movies. Those are because a Geek said they wanted to see it on the big screen. Geeks are strong. Things will get better.   

Now to all of you out there let me quote Wil Wheaton, probably the most famous Geek of us all. He has one simple rule he lives by and he asks everyone else to live by. “Don’t be a dick!” Be good to each other. If everyone will be accepting of everyone else this world would be such an amazing place. 

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